Oct. 1, 2012

A new week - and new month :)

This morning Sam and I watched this dvd which discussed all kinds of things about the planets and fossil fuels, different types of rocks and new ways to create electricity:

Today we also looked at parts of the body and where they are - as well as which body parts we can live without - which can be made smaller and which we can give to others while still alive...we used this really basic puzzle to get us started.  Susannah is also studying genetics and we talked about that too:

Abigail had French class today - she really enjoyed it again.  After her class finished, the wind suddenly picked up and the weather went downhill quickly - it had been 20c but the temp dropped fast.  The wind was crazy and our trampoline took a bashing:

Sam was playing in these glasses for a while and kept making us laugh:

I got this book today and it is fabulous - filled with all kinds of fun family activities.  Tonight we did the spelling bee with Susannah and Abby - Abigails spelling is as good as (if not better than) Susannahs!!  It was fun.  They are both good spellers though - comes from their love of reading, I'm sure:

Tonight we watched Abduction - a movie Susannah borrowed from the library.  It was really good!  Scary how fast a life can change - wow!!

Sam has been playing with the Lego he got today - two big sets for $5 at Goodwill so he was thrilled :)  

Abby practiced her ballet today using a dvd and book.  She just read Noel Streatfelds 'Ballet Shoes' and is totally obsessed with ballet and dance right now...she has several books and dvd's out of the library at the moment :)  

Laurence just got home from work...I'm sitting watching 'How Things Work' on dvd with Sam :)  

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