Oct. 2, 2012

Outside My Window... It is dark, rainy and windy.....a typical Fall storm blew in this afternoon with strong wind gusts and miserable drizzly rain...I was loving all the sunshine and I'm sad to have this weather - I don't mind the cold but the rain can go away for a while please!

I am thinking...about how much I'm looking forward to seeing friends tomorrow :)  And also how much I'm looking forward to my evening off tomorrow - love love LOVE my kids soooooo much but am kind of excited to have a few hours to myself - or with my older two :)

I am thankful for...the love and laughter that fills this home :)  the peace in my heart after sooooo long and for friends who constantly make me smile and laugh - and yet are there with a shoulder when needed :)

From the kitchen...still making the most of the bbq as often as possible - and especially grilled vegetables.  Although yesterday we had fish chips and peas - with some carrots and broccoli thrown in for Abby :)   She lOVES cooked broccoli :)

I am wearing...a t-shirt.  I'm in bed.  I couldn't find a night to wear so I grabbed a t-shirt.

I am creating...a mini album for Fall...I started this evening and will add to it tomorrow.  So far it is blank pages ready for me to add embellishments and Instax pictures :)  Probably some Instagram pics too.  I LOVED my simple LSNED album, and decided I wanted to keep doing a mini album :)  

I am going...to gymnastics tomorrow morning - and then to the library.  I am also going to the last Farmers Market this Wednesday.  I was going to go to the Instameet in Edmonton, but Susannah is determined to go to the farmers market - I think A is coming too - which is why I suggested the Instameet as we are all on IG...

I am reading...'Not My Daughter' by Barbara Delinsky:

When Susan Tate’s 17-year-old daughter, Lily, announces she is pregnant, Susan is stunned.  A single mother, she has struggled to do everything right.  She sees the pregnancy as an unimaginable tragedy both for Lily and herself.
Then comes word of two more pregnancies among high school seniors who happen to be Lily’s best friends – and the town turns to talk of a pact.  But criticism of the girls quickly becomes criticism of their mothers, especially of Susan, who holds a visible position in town.  As principal of the high school, she is considered a role model of hard work and core values.  Now her detractors accuse her of being a lax mother, perhaps not worthy of the job of shepherding impressionable students.  Susan is still struggling with the personal implications of her daughter’s pregnancy, when she hears calls for her resignation.
But what of her close friendship with the two other moms?  Are they any less at fault than she is?  The friendships suffer – but shouldn’t loyalty trump community pressure?  And what of a fourth friend, who has power enough to minimize the fallout but whose own daughter has a murky tie to the pact?
Set in a small Maine town that cherishes responsibility, Not My Daughter raises many issues, not the least of which is the age-old question:  What does it take to be a good mother?

I am hoping...it stays dry on Wednesday so we can fully enjoy the field trip we are going on as well as the last farmers market of the year.  Cold is fine, but please be dry.

I am hearing... Rosie licking her lips/ nose....she sounds thirsty but won't go and drink.

One of my favorite things...Walmarts own brand Graham Crackers....I don't normally like Graham crackers, but these are sooooooo good!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Gymnastics class tomorrow.  Wednesday is our scavenger hunt/ hiking field trip....Thursday we have orienteering class.  Friday is free right now but we need to go and get our pictures done for our Millennium cards so we may do that and go swimming too.  Or maybe the museum...not sure yet -we will see what happens before then...
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