Oct. 2, 2012

Tag time

fighting  -  a cold I think.  I've been so exhausted the last week - and Sam has a bad cold and cough....I am taking lots of supplements to fight it, and think it is working except I feel like my energy is being zapped.

Feeling - impatient and excited

Reading - 'Not My daughter' by Barbara Delinsky.

Wearing - nighty and undies as it's late and I'm in bed.

Struggling - with

Learning - how amazing my kids are and what great young adults/ people they are becoming :)

Savouring - the beautiful coloured leaves everywhere!

Watching - the weather forecast closely.

Anticipating - the first snowfall of the year.

Thinking - how strong some people are and how fortunate I am not to have had to deal with some situations that others have to.

What is happening currently in your world?

Finalizing plans for a busy October - exchange student arriving, Thanksgiving, Laurences birthday, a long list of field trips and classes.  So much to organize and remember!!
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