Oct. 2, 2012

Raindrops and Hexaflexagons.....

We went to the mall after gymnastics - Abigail needed to go to the postoffice to send a letter to her penpal.  She wrote it yesterday.  I didn't read it, but she did tell me that she has suggested they do a book club type thing by mail - where they both read the same book and then discuss it in their letters.  I think thats a fabulous idea!  While she was getting a stamp for her letter, I looked around the Halloween things in the store - and then Abby found this:

And I found these:

Still raining and grey and COLD!!  I snapped this shot for todays 
Instagramyeg hashtag which is #puddlegram:

Now we are home and Sam is feeling exhausted as he is still sick with his cold - so he and I are cuddling on the bed and watching The Avengers again.  Abigail is starting to get sick and I am feeling drained too.  

Oh - forgot to mention that this morning we learned about Hexaflexagons - they are soooo NEAT and so Abby is trying to make them :)  A great math/ science project :)  

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