Oct. 23, 2012

Home for a fire and s'mores :)

We got home and I got the fire going in the fire pit.  We wanted to introduce Kevin to s'mores :) 
We also showed him how to make 'snakes on a stick'

Abigail saying goodbye to her scarecrow and she burned him on the fire:

Sammy keeping warm:

Kevin trying to keep the snake ON the stick while it cooks :)  

Fire and smoke patterns:

Sitting and enjoying the fire....Monday was the last evening Kevin will spend with the younger three, and the last free evening we had, so we made the most of it.  I think it was a good evening :)  

Tomorrow we have the pot luck supper for the exchange students - a chance to say goodbye and for everyone to share what they have done over the last two weeks :)  

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