Oct. 23, 2012

Monday afternoon...

Monday afternoon Abigail had her French class, and so Sam and I decided to go to Big Als Aquarium and see all the fish and creatures they have there!  We were in there a good hour or so and really enjoyed taking our time watching all the strange and beautiful fish!

This stingray would follow Sams hand and swim up and down or across :)  

This toad looked sooo grumpy :)  Too cute!

The seahorses are so amazing and beautiful to watch!  So graceful!

This little guy was probably my favourite though.  It is a Warty Frogfish!!!  He is $199.
Wow!!  Such a funny looking fish and he kept swimming into the side of the tank like he was banging his head against the wall lol!

After Big Als, we walked over to the Timmy's close by, and Sam had his favourite chicken noodle soup :)  I had a cup of tea that I had to wait AGES for...I finally got it JUST before we were about to leave to pick Abigail up!

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon...not sure what we will do next week yet.
Abigail is really enjoying her French classes.  She missed last weeks class, so had some homework to do to catch up but she is doing so well that it seems it didn't matter :)  

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