Nov. 23, 2012

Tag time.....

Fighting -  a virus.  Not sure what it is but I seem to be winning the battle finally.

Feeling - fed up and grumpy.  Tired.  We had fun plans yesterday and today and they had to be cancelled.  But grateful that my kids are happy to stay home and play, bake and generally chill :)

Reading - lots of ideas for Advent :)

Wearing - yoga pants, tshirt, hoody.

Struggling - with how slowly this horrible month is going.  It seems like however hard I try I am up against a brick wall....

Learning - to take it a day at a time.

Savoring - the small stuff.  The joy of watching and listening Sam to Sam play with his toy cars, watching Abigail working away in the kitchen as she bakes, listening to Susannah singing....hearing the key in the lock when Laurence gets home, seeing updates from Chris :)  

Watching - Christmas family movies in the run up to Christmas - an annual tradition.  Whenever we are home in the evening we all curl up and watch a family movie - preferably with a candy cane or some chocolates :)

Anticipating - all the fun events in the next few weeks :)  and starting Shimelles Journal Your Christmas :)  

Thinking - that the struggles this month have made me stronger.

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