Nov. 23, 2012


Started like most days..up early...took Susannah to school.  stopped in for breakfast with Abby and Sam on the way home.  Then home for coffee.  

Abigail worked on her project for homeschool club.  Both Abby and Sam had chosen to do Gems and minerals.  Abigails was much more detailed than Sams and she did quite a bit of research and writing for hers - she printed out some display cards for her table.

We ran some errands before heading to the library.  It was a cold and frosty day.  Very pretty with the hoar frost!

At the library we met up with our friends and the children started setting up their displays - we left them to it - Abby chose to share her her table with her friend G - it was G's birthday!!  :)

Sam shared his table with his friend A!! 

 Looks like little J was keen to help set the gem stones up too :)

People had the chance to go round all of the table and look at the displays and ask questions...try things out (like pastel art)  and see how things worked.  

Then some of the children gave talks about their projects - they were excellent.
G gave an amazing talk about the live show of 'How to Train a Dragon'

After the library we headed to KQ to celebrate G's birthday.  Abby went with G and her Mom took these pictures of them at the library before they left :) 

It was a lot of fun at KQ.  We gave G the game of Spot It as it is an essential game at our get togethers lol - and I asked her if I could show her Mom how to play it - so while the children played, us adults had a few rounds - and as always it was VERY competitive.  Sooooo much fun :)  

We sang Happy Birthday and had yummy cupcakes :)  
I snagged a Johnny Depp cupcake :)  

It was a lovely day and so nice to be able to join in celebrating with our new friends :)  

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