Dec. 16, 2012

For today....

Outside my window...dark....a few Christmas lights still switched on, on neighbours houses...clear skies.

I am thinking...about my Christmas 'wish list'....I think I would like a flask.  (A thermos??) and apart from that I don't know...maybe some art journaling things....

I am thankful...for a lovely weekend filled with fresh air, festive fun and time to relax at home :)  I am also thankful to Kevin and his Mom for the amazing parcel they sent us from Germany!!

In the kitchen...endless foods cooked by Abigail, plenty of festive baking, a big roast dinner tomorrow night :)

I am peachy coloured nighty

I am JYC album - the 4th year I have taken part - and I took time this week to read through the albums from past years :)  Sweet Christmas memories <3 br="br">
I am be busy again this week, but my days are filled with friends, fun and festivity, so I can't complain :)

I am wondering...what will happen in court tomorrow and am hoping P gets the result she wants :)

I am reading...still reading 'Overcoming Dyslexia' - life is so busy that I haven't had much time to read!

I am hoping...Susannahs teacher likes his Christmas gift :)

I am looking forward to...breakfast with Tara and Val this week - catching up with each others news.

I am good it is to live in town - and ow much easier it makes spending time outdoors in winter!

Around the house...Christmas decorations, pretty lights, home made Christmas crafts - blankets thrown on the sofas, signs of family life :)

I am word for 2013 - Direction.

One of my favorite things...working on my Christmas Journal.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Tomorrow Abby has French class - their Christmas party I believe - and Sam and I are off to the homeschool cookie exchange party - we are taking dreidels and gelt to teach how to play Spin The Dreidel.  Tomorrow night we are having our Christmas dinner - before Abby and Sam leave for their two weeks with their Dad.  Tuesday we have the homeschool group at the library which I am sure will be fairly festive - and then afterwards we are going to C's house for a playdate.  And so it continues in pretty much the same way all week....  :)

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