Dec. 16, 2012

Fun at the Prairie Gardens Christmas Festival :)

We had so much fun today at the Christmas Festival - the balloon modeller was fantastic -a  British guy dressed as an Elf, cracking jokes, singing (terribly lol) and generally entertaining for HOURS!!  

Their lovely garlic dilly potatoes, cookie decorating, indoor snowball fights, train ride with Santa...just a lovely festive afternoon :)  Our friends L and K and their families also came along - it was fun to almost fill the train ride with homeschoolers :)  

Sam with his Santa balloon:

I painted a snow scene on a gourd:

The Elf got santa to tell Abby and Sam that they have to be good and stop fighting with each other until Christmas if they want gifts lol:  

L made a candy cane reindeer lol - C doesn't look too impressed haha :)  

Sam still got to do his favourite gem mining, s they had moved it all indoors:

Abby in her Cookie Monster balloon:

Our friends busy cookie decorating:

Train ride with Santa - and friends:

Abby and I both made wild bird feeders using corn cobs, pea butter and seeds:  

Cookie decorating:

Susie with santa (lol) :

My little pumpkin snowman :)  

Abby and Sam were filmed by Shaw TV several times - with the Elf, while having a snowball fight indoors, AND while cookie decorating - and it will be shown on Shaw TV on Wednesday and Thursday:

Susie throwing a 'snowball' at me:

Sam with his cookie:

Sam throwing a 'snowball' at me:

One of the staff took Abby and Sam with her inside to get hot chocolate and a cookie to give to Santa before our train ride.  The Santa was the guy who normally does the gem mining - the kids know him so well they recognized his voice :)  

My cute little penguin:

And three cute tempted to tag Susie in this on Facebook hahaha:

Abby's cookie:

Abby making a door hanger:

'Elderberry' the Elf:

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