Dec. 21, 2012

Friday at our place:

Last day of school before Christmas, so Susannah and I got up early and went to Timmys before school.  It's really nice doing this now and then :)  

Today was bitterly cold - but it made for good pictures.  Laurence took this one:

I spent this morning making some snow globes:

Laurence bought me a Holiday London Fog and a lemon tart:

I took him to The Italian Centre for lunch and to see their bakery....
and then to Southgate to look round the stores:

Laurence got this gorgeous picture of my girly:

Today was Yule, the Winter Solstice, and the shortest day:

We celebrated by having a fire and burning a log....we also have smores to make on the fire...

Samantha called round for a chat - I forgot to take a picture of us by the Christmas Tree which I normally do every year :(  

This could be to blame:

Susannah sat by the fire all evening and Rosie sat on the sofa watching me to make sure I don't go anywhere :

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