Dec. 21, 2012

The last couple of days....

Susannah and I went to see Twilight - Breaking Dawn part 2 on Wednesday evening.  Susannah was given a GC for the movies for her volunteer work at the library this Summer - so we used that.  Kind of makes me feel better that we didn't pay much considering how BAD the movie was - even Susannah thought it was awful!

Yesterday it was sooooo horribly quiet here without Sam and Abby - I was very glad that I had plans to go out for the day.  Trish and I headed to Bedrock Supply to see what they had - WOW, I had never been there before but it's AMAZING!!  Have to take Sam there during French class one day!  I got the supplies for Susannah to make her friend a necklace for Christmas.  

I've been busy crafting - making snow globes and little ornaments:

Last night 7 of us met up at Oscars for the weekly pub was Christmas themed and fun.  we got 26 out of thirty:

Rosie is making the most of Sam not being here - and is hogging the bed:

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