Jan. 2, 2013

Our Wednesday evening.....

When we got back from the museum, Susannah and I took Rosie out for a walk - we took a different route and found just how close we are to the new stores at Emerald Hills.  

Then this little cherub (troublemaker lol) arrived home after 2 weeks away at his dads house:

Sam and Lily are best friends already - no surprise there:

Sam and I played a few rounds of Spit and Spot It....had lots of cuddles and he talked non stop!!
He cuddled Lily for AGES...then he tried out his new juicer that I picked up for him while he was away - he LOVES making fresh juice from oranges and lemons :)  

Now it is late already....time for bed!!  

Hope your day was a great one too :)  

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