Jan. 2, 2013

A field trip with friends.....

My day started at 6am....I was wide awake so I went downstairs, made myself a coffee and took it back to bed with me.....I sat in bed and read for an hour - bliss :)  

Later when it was light and I was downstairs, I watched the birds out on the feeders - there were quite a few but each time I tried to get a picture most of them would fly off!!

After lunch we headed into Edmonton to meet up with some friends
 and have a look around the Royal Alberta Museum.
Our friends had never been there before, so it was nice to introduce it to them.

We got to see the Tsars china exhibit on it's last day - and an exhibition of Inuit dolls.  There was also a very strange exhibit of feathered hats and fans - and some of the feathered hats still had the dead birds attached!!!  Not a fashion style I want to come back :)  

These orb weaving spiders had just had babies - the tank and webs were FULL of teeny tiny scary spiders!!!

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