Feb. 8, 2013

Friday Fill-ins...

1. In New England the Fall is STUNNING. 

2. I'm glad we don't get  LOTS of snow all in one day!

3. Ahhhh, coffee :)   

4. Hanging with just my kids is my favorite thing to do nowadays. 

5. Last night, I had a dream about looking for someone...and making a picture of a bridge in a class with little pebbles and beads stuck on...and wanting to be back in high school. 

6. Relaxing, which is the perfect way to spend a Friday. 

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out on Whyte with a Meerkat, tomorrow my plans include taking Sam and Abby to a birthday party and Sunday, I want to go to the Chinese New Year celebrations at WEM!
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