Feb. 14, 2013

Homeschool bowling!!

A few weeks ago we signed up for homeschool bowling - and today was the first day we managed to get there!  Everyone was asked to wear pink or red for Valentines Day.  It was such a fun morning - the children had a blast with their friends and I loved watching them all together - seeing them all helping the little ones, mixing with the older ones, laughing and joking together and everyone so nice to each other - homeschooling sooo rocks!  Three new children joined the group in the last week and it was lovely to see how welcomed they are and already with so many friends!!  And to see two new Moms join our group and feel so welcomed and so happy to meet new friends - the whole morning just warmed my heart...I just can't describe it properly - but it was a perfect Valentines morning filled with love :)  

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