Feb. 14, 2013

Valentines Day party :)

On Thursday we had a Valentines Celebration with our homeschooling friends. 
It was soooo much fun! 25 children and their Moms/ parents came....so about 40 people in all.  It was noisy and chaotic, but so much fun - lots of laughter and chatter and playing...everyone brought snacks to share and they also brought Valentines/ treats for each of the children.

One of the activities was to make a 'mailbox' or bag - and decorate it ready for everyone to deliver their treats!  This is what many schools would do and I thought it would be fun for the children to do the same.  So we had a crafting station set up in the kitchen.

Susannah had the day off and luckily there were quite a few teens there too so she had a great day and said how pleased she was that she had been off of school :)  

It was such a fun day and I have another planned for St Patricks Day in March - and then will do an Easter one with an egg hunt too :)  

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us.  It was literally the BEST Valentines Day I have ever had - with the fun bowling, the party and then watching The Notebook in the evening with the girls before a soak in the bath...well, it was just perfect :)  

The table with just SOME of the food - there was more in the kitchen:

The ice cream cake that Joanne made was soooo good:

Abby found a heart shaped chip on Valentines day:

Bob the talking Cootie Catcher:

Lots of chatting and laughing with friends:

Some of the 'mail boxes' and bags:

Decorating cookies:

So good to see these two:


Cookie decorating station:

New friends who have joined us this week:

Craft station:

More 'mail boxes':

Valentine treats:

Some of the lovely Valentine treats that children gave me:

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