Feb. 24, 2013

Pictures from our lives the last few days...

Swimming followed by Kidz Quarterz with friends:

Sam and I started to read The Magic Treehouse series last week - we read a few chapters a night.  We are almost finished book 2:  

Roll up the rim started last week, and I won on my second cup:

Sam and his friend R won a LOT of tickets at KQ last week!  

Susie and I are back making our smoothies again!

Visit to the library yesterday.  I wasn't feeling good and was glad we only had a couple of errands to run before going home. 

Sam singing me a song he had made up:

The current wall art board at the library:

Someones witty response:

Rosie getting vacuumed:

Lunch with friends at KQ:

Sam at the library:

The weather has been gorgeous the last few days:

The melting and freezing means that it is very icy in many places:

Sam made himself a cage and then got stuck in it haha:

Rosie Posie:

Out getting birthday party supplies for Abbys party and we
 got a few St Patricks Day things too:

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