Feb. 24, 2013


A lovely relaxing morning - I read, caught up online and doodled in my art journal:

Chatted with the kids:

Then we got up and ready to drive over to Whyte Ave - I had to deliver the chairs to the YESS office ready for their auction.  After dropping them off, we headed on up to Whyte Ave.  We looked around in Starbucks and got Sam the book he wanted.  We went to Timmys for lunch and the strolled along to the British Import store...such a gorgeous day out - sunny and warm:

My truck needs a wash lol:

Sam trying to decide which book he wanted:

Home again, and Susie and I took Rosie out for a walk:

Home again and I sat outside with a cup of tea enjoying the fresh air.  I emptied a couple of boxes from the garage and moved some plant pots out of the garage into the back yard!  

Ice on the sidewalk:

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