Feb. 17, 2013


Laurence got home at 6:30am and made me coffee.  I had been awake for a while already.  I dozed a bit after that and then got up at 8:30am and made breakfast:

It had snowed a little and the birds had left cute footprints:

After lunch we took Rosie for a walk through Millcreek Ravine.  We parked by Millcreek pool and then walked through to Connors Road by the Muttart - and then back.  It was a lovely walk - very quiet there - just the odd person running or families walking dogs.

Its a surprisingly short walk from Whyte Ave to the Muttart.  I was shocked at how quickly we got to Connors Road!  

After our walk we headed home, but stopped off for tea and sandwiches at one of my favourite coffee places in Bonnie Doon.  Their London Fogs are incredible!  I used to sit in there and read/ art journal over tea while Sam and Abby were at one of their regular classes.  I miss going there, so it was lovely to go with Susannah!  

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