Mar. 10, 2013

Abigails 11th Birthday Party.....

Before the guests arrived:

Susannah photobombing:

My Little Pony cake:

Pinata time:

Happy girl:

Pass the parcel:

Gift opening:

Grabbing candy after the pinata broke:

Eating cake and opening gifts:

Pin the nose on the clown:

Piggy back fun:

Susie enjoying a 'little' cake:  

Friends watching the gift opening:

Playing hunt the thimble (or rather hunt the Littlest Pet shop toy):

Blowing out the candles:

Cake time and Happy Birthday singing:

All in all a lot of crazy, happy fun was had.  Two hours - after which I collapsed in the bath with a cup of tea - and then we curled up by the fire and watched Mousehunt to recover from our busy week!!

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