Apr. 1, 2013

Easter Monday at our place...

Started with cuddles with Sam and Lily,

Then Sam and Abby cycled to meet up with their friends and spent the afternoon playing.

I shaved Rosie, swept the garage of grit and sand from the winter, 
and then washed the car....it NEEDED it!!

I also put dinner in the crockpot - a lime and garlic sauce with orange and lemon juice too, and honey!!  
We had that with vegetables and smashed baby potatoes :)

After dinner Sam and Abby walked Rosie, and while they were gone,
Susannah and I hid the eggs and Easter chocolate.  When they arrived back they started finding eggs on the porch and continued finding them inside...

Then we all curled up and watched Adventure Time and Spongebob together - although I was reading the fab book I'm enjoying right now (Putting Makeup on Dead People)

After that it was showers for the kids and I sorted laundry and decluttered 
some more boxes from the garage that we brought in last week.  I also helped Abby make a sock bun for her doll.  She won an Easter picture contest on Instagram yesterday - a photo of her doll.  

Springbreak is over now :(  school again tomorrow, sewing class for Abby....and a walk with Rosie in the afternoon as it is supposed to be 10c which will be gorgeous!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!!!

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