Aug. 15, 2012

Get lost!!

Today we headed to the West of Edmonton to visit the Corn Maze.  
I had a coupon to use up before the end of the month :)

We had never been to this corn maze before so I was keen to try it!!

It was great fun!!  As well as the corn maze, there was a petting zoo, gocarts
and a bouncy pillow/ floor type thing!  

There is also a cafe with ice creams and candy/ drinks :)

The corn maze was NOT easy - but was a lot of frustrating fun :)

Sam and Abby were on one team and Susannah and I on the other :)

Trying to figure out which way to go:

We made it out alive:  

On the hay bale mountain:

Feeding the animals at the petting zoo:

Playing on the bouncy, jumpy floor pillow :)

Fun on the gocarts:

Another great day filled with Summer fun memories :)

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