Aug. 17, 2012

Our Friday!!!

Our day started off with a homeschool park day at Castledowns Splashpark!  It was fun to see everyone and get caught up after everyones busy Summer!!  I got to give Trish the gift I found for her in Wayne. A flamingo tape dispenser!! :)  

I missed this magical moment but luckily it was caught on camera!!  Lorraine and Alora on the little spinny thing at the playground:  Crazy peeps ;p 

Abigail and sam wanted ice cream after the park day - but there was a long line up at the ice cream truck because of daycares, so I suggested we drive out to Katies Crossing instead!  It always makes having ice cream much more of a treat!  We got there just as a train was going over the bridge!  Perfect timing :)  We were the only people there the whole time!!

After Katies Crossing we headed in to town to the library.  The children played the Summer reading game again and FINISHED!!!  Yay!  With one day left!!!  So exciting!  They got to pick a brand new book each and also write their names on picnic baskets to stick on the 'wall of winners' :)

They also got to finally look into the picnic basket on the game board and see who was hiding there!  Can you see who it is???  :)

While we were at the library we popped into the Agora (big community room) to look through the library book sale.  Sooooo many bargains - I had to get the children to put some back because they were getting carried away and if we are moving house we need to DOWNSIZE lol!!

We all got some books though and soooo cheap - and I find it very hard to say no to them where books are concerned!!  

We ran in to Walmart for some groceries (love having two Supercentres in SP now) and then headed home to make supper.  We decided it was such a gorgeous day that we would barbecue and have supper out on the deck.  We had chicken souvlaki kebobs and burgers, with potatoes and asparagus (done in a moroccan seasoning).  Yum!!

The chicken was a BIG hit!!!

As were the vegetables:

Washed mine down with a yummy cold beer:

I spent the evening soaking in the bath.  Then watching a spelling dvd with Sam and reading him his new books.  

All in all another fabulous Summer day :)  

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