Aug. 17, 2012


Yesterday was a fairly easy day for us - we headed in to town to the Registry office - Laurence made the appointment for his driving test.  We then dropped him off for work.  
We headed to the park for a couple of hours to enjoy the gorgeous weather!  I sat down by the water and enjoyed the quiet - and had a little duck come and keep me company :)  

I did some writing by the water too:

Then we headed to the library so the children could play the Summer reading game - it ends on Saturday, and we really wanted to finish the game and get the prizes!!  :)

They get to pick a shaker to use as their 'counter' and then throw the dice to move along.  Then depending on the square they land on, they either wait for their next turn on a  new day OR they get to pick a prize from the treasure box!!

They didn't finish the game yesterday - Abigail was ONE square away!!!

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