Oct. 15, 2012

Other things we saw and did this weekend...

Bow Falls and the Bow River:

Lake Minnewanka loop and Twojack:

Elk herd on the Lake Minnewanka loop:

The Banff Hoodoos (today Kevin has gone to Drumheller for an overnight trip, and will see the Drumheller Hoodoos)

The 'Three Sisters' mountains in Canmore:

Tunnel Mountain loop ending with an amazing view of Cascade Mountain:

Playing on the Bellman cart in the hotel:

Bass Pro/ Outdoor World store and Crossiron Mills Mall
 in Airdrie on the way home.  The boys went shopping together and I found something to send back to Germany for Kevins Mom.  We had supper there too.  I had Lebanese food which was really good:

Learning to Lasso at Bass Pro with Miss Airdrie Rodeo 2012:

Seagulls in the parking lot:

And then home!!  Laurence drove ALL the way!  In fact apart from the trip from Red deer to Canmore on Friday night, Laurence did ALL the driving this weekend - he wanted to prove to himself he could drive all the way home from Canmore and could find his way so he can drive himself at some point!

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