Oct. 15, 2012

Sulphur Mountain

On Sunday morning we headed to the Banff Gondola and went up to the top of Sulphur Mountain.  It was drizzling rain and was VERY cold and windy up there - the wind really was crazy.
Sam decided to stay inside in the warm, Susannah and I just walked about half way, but Laurence, Kevin and Abby ventured to the top - a friend of Laurences had been up there Saturday with her German exchange partner, and they had written their names somewhere, so Laurence and Kevin were determined to find them :)  They did!

Yes it was VERY blowy:

Luckily despite the weather it was still quite clear and we had a nice view

Up on the panoramic viewing deck they have signs showing you the direction and distance of various cities around the world - Edmonton was right next to Berlin, Germany, which was PERFECT for a photograph :)  

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